JWST Workshop NorCal 2020.

Please note due to new guidelines in place to slow the progress of COVID-19 this workshop has moved to a completely online format. There will be no in-person attendance on Stanfrod campus. The workshop program has been reformatted to appropraiate to an online audience and will remain relevant to those registered for each of the days. The new program is updated in the 'program' webpage.

The goal of this workshop is to provide an overview of the tools and information required in order to prepare a successful JWST proposal.

Two one-day workshops will be held in the Physics Astrophysics Building on Stanford campus on Monday March 9th 2020 and Tuesday March 10th 2020.

Contact organisers at: "contact-at-jwstnorcal2020-dot-com"

Please note these workshops are run by volunteers. Note from STScI: JWST Master class graduates offer a valuable service to their local communities by organizing JWST proposal planning workshops. They help potential proposers find the basic information they need to prepare for JWST, and they facilitate the initial learning process. Graduates are not representatives of STScI, and there is no expectation that they will be able to respond to all inquiries and questions. The final authority for all information about JWST science and the proposal process resides with the JWST Documentation System (JDox), the STScI HelpDesk at jwsthelp.stsci.edu, and the JWST science website at jwst.stsci.edu.

Registration will open on Monday 13th January and close on Friday 21st February.

See the full program here.